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Learning the Tarot is an excellent way to sharpen and increase anyone's natural psychic abilities because everyone has their own level of psychic awareness. Each of the 78 Classic Tarot cards have characters, elements, symbols, colors, and scenes that work on an unconscious level to evoke an understanding of the human condition and the Cosmic Laws of the Universe. It takes practical instruction and daily practice to fully master the use of Tarot cards and understand them on a conscious level. Isn't it time that you gave yourself the opportunity to focus on yourself and your own personal development as well as reading for others?


My course requires an RWS Tarot Deck to learn Tarot card reading. Also known as the Rider-Waite-Smith or Smith-Waite Tarot, there are now many versions of this famous deck that are acceptable including the Universal Waite, the Waite-Smith Centennial, the Radiant Tarot, and the Tarot Original 1909. There are also many very close clones of this deck that are acceptable like The Hanson-Roberts, Robin Wood, The New Palladini or The Morgan Greer. Just ask me about your deck if you are unsure.

Next a Tarot Journal is necessary for your notes and homework. It can be a spiral-bound notebook or a fancy gilded leather-bound book. Your journal can be as special as you want it to be. And, there will be many valuable handouts available for digital download that can be bound into a Binder for a complete Tarot Booklet from this course.


There is no one book that is necessary or required to take my classes, but I will provide a list of my Tarot book recommendations. 


This course is offered both in-person or online in a Zoom Room. When paid for on a weekly basis per class, the total cost is $360 @ $30 per class. However, I also offer an EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT to $25 per class for those who want to pay $300 for all 12 Classes at time of registration. The Earlybird Discount also applies if paid in Cash at the first session.


Paying for the entire Course guarantees access to all course Handouts and for Online classes. You'll be entitled to receive Links to access a recording of any classes that you're unable to attend at the scheduled time and well as digital downloads of Handouts. All 12 Classes will have at least 1 handout and some classes will have more for digital download. There are detailed descriptions of Class 1 thru Class 12 listed below.


A Tarot Course Certificate will be awarded for attendance at all 12 classes and for proficiency in being able to do a tarot reading that must be demonstrated by the student at the final class. Attendance does include watching a digital recording of an online class that is not attended at the scheduled time.

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