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Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Don't Let Conflict Between Home & Work Trip You Up - 8-8-2023 Daily Reading

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

The 10 of Pentacles is the card of tradition, ancestry, inheritance, strong family ties and investments that are a solid foundation for building generational wealth. The 6 of Cups is the card of nostalgia, happy childhood memories or recollections that glorify the past. However, this card does imply not being fully present emotionally in the current situation perhaps due to painful memories or past emotional traumas. Instead, the past is being nostalgically remembered as better than it was. The 2 of Pentacles reversed represents being overwhelmed by complexity, losing your balance, not being able to juggle multiple tasks or situations anymore.


Today, it seems that your traditional responsibilities have lost their appeal and it’s easier to focus on a time when life or relationships seemed easier or more fulfilling. The 6 of Cups paired with the 10 of Pentacles could symbolize a conflict between family responsibilities involving children and job or work duties. There’s a tricky situation at hand and it might be involving a hot tip or important meeting that must be handled today and you’re afraid that you can’t do justice to both family and work commitments. On the other hand, the 10’s are cards symbolizing transition. And, the 10 of Pentacles might represent an important transition involving business or investments, but be aware that yearning for the good old days is most likely a distraction that could throw you off balance today.

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