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Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Celestial Guidance Says Don't Worry or Act Rashly

The Star is a calm, peaceful, and hopeful card. I also see it as the card that represents your divine cosmic connection, so it’s spiritual guidance and messages from your Guardian Angel. The 5 of Pentacles is a card indicating that something in your physical environment is changing and you are being required to adapt and adjust to it. Nobody likes change, so the image on the card is one of worries which is generally about financial insecurity, ill health or fearing hard times. The Magician reversed can indicate that things aren’t going according to plan today. There could be underconfidence in your abilities and skills to handle the current situation or overconfidence. Also, beware of acting as a charlatan or a trickster by pretending to know more than you actually do. Upright, the Magician is about taking action, so reversed it could be warning you that it’s not the right time to take action today.

I see the Star as a message to not worry and stay calm despite current changes that might be manifesting as insecurity in your situation today, but it’s temporary. So, don’t jump the gun. Don’t take any unnecessary actions or make any impulsive decisions today. A reversed Magician can also be warning you about professionals like doctors, lawyers, bankers, etc… who don’t have your best interests at heart today. You are being watched over. There is hope and the changes you’re experiencing today are minor and won’t last.

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