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Miniature COFFIN FORTUNE TELLER Kit in a custom-made hinged Poplar Wood Casket painted Silver Gray, Black on the outside and blood Red on the inside. My husband is a woodworker and he made the box. It measures 6" long, 3 and 1/2" wide at it's widest point and 2" high. The lid is decorated with a White Skull & Crossbones and a red All-seeing Eye vintage Poster with the words: LUCK * FATE * LIFE * LOVE. There is also a Black Skull & Crossbones on a red background at the head of the Coffin. Raise the lid to reveal the La Mort Marseilles Tarot Death card. 
Kit contains: 
1. Brand new, sealed Universal Waite Tiny Tarot deck.
2. Black & White reversible Balsa wood Ouija Board and Planchette. 
3. Quartz Crystal point to direct your intuition.
4. Two Carved Skulls: White Quartz and Black Onyx to evoke ancestral spirits.
5. Red Jasper Carved Cat to evoke your Animal Totem or spirit familiars. 
5. Czech Crystal Evil Eye on a Hamsa Hand (wear this silvertone amulet on a chain for Divine Protection)
6. Blue translucent marble crystal ball.
7. A working Brass Compass 30mm - a talisman of your intuition (may your inner compass always point you to the truth).
8. Two Red divination candles.
9. Calico Scallop Shell offering bowl for scented oil or Holy water.

10. Pipe Tobacco to burn as an offering for the ancestors (don't burn it in the Sea Shell).

Portable and perfect to amaze and astonish your friends with readings at parties or on Halloween!! Looks great displayed on a shelf or reading table and it makes a great gift. I'm proud that many items in this kit were purchased from fellow Etsy Sellers. Each Miniature and Pocket divination kit I create is different and no two are alike.

I am a professional Tarot Card Reader and Psychic Adviser with over 30 years experience (


  • Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs and any loss in value if an item isn't returned in original condition.

  • USPS Ground Advantage

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