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This listing is for a small deck of The Wild Unknown Archetype Cards. The Guidebook is online and can be accessed with the Scan Code you'll find on the back of the box. I acquired this deck preowned and have had it less than 2 years. It's a complete set of 78 cards that are in "like new" condition. I'm afraid this small set is a "knock-off" which is why I replaced it by buying a used Boxed Set for myself. Just love her guidebook and I'm still learning to love the illustrations.


The full size version of the deck is in a round box with a hardcover guidebook originally published in 2019 by Hay House. The final 3 pictures above display the original boxed set compared to the small set, so you can get a better idea of the size.

Archetypes Cards by Kim Krans, The Wild Unknown Deck series - Small Size Deck

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