Kassandra's Readings & Parties

Whether it’s for Halloween, a Birthday party, or just a Girl’s Night Out. The fun and mystery of having your cards read by a Professional Psychic is always exciting and a big hit at almost any party!

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Kassandra Queen of the Witches
Kassandra's Psychic Readings
Kassandra's Psychic Readings
Kassandra's Psychic Readings
Kassandra's Psychic Readings
Kassandra's Psychic Readings
Kassandra's Psychic Readings
Kassandra's Psychic Readings
Kassandra's Psychic Readings

Private Readings 

Located in Rockford, Illinois

Are you suspicious, confused, torn; seeking answers?

My first question to you is; "What do you want to know?"

There are many important questions that the cards can

address and shed light on. Why? When? Where? How?

The more specific you are in posing your questions,

the more specific and clear your answers will be.

Especially, when you're facing important life choices.

With honesty, we can focus on the questions that

are at the core of your situation, so you can make decisions that move your life forward in the direction you choose. 

I'm an Intuitive Psychic and I specialize in card readings. I rely on several different kinds of oracle decks in addition to Tarot to arrive at the level of clarity needed to answer your most important questions.


A tarot card reading or any oracle card reading is a "snapshot" in time. The cards mirror back at you and symbolically reveal where you're at physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually... 


I can help you to ask the right questions.

 In-Home Parties

Chicago Metro Area,  Rockford & The Fox Valley

Remember, mystery is one of the key words here and nobody likes having their personal “mysteries” exposed in public, so it needs to be a room where people feel they have privacy. And, we need a certain amount of quiet, so if you’ve got a DJ blasting music, the room needs to be as far away from that as possible.

All I need is a table and 3 chairs. The table provided should be at least card table size and I can even bring my own card table and chairs if necessary. It takes me less than 15 minutes from the moment I arrive until my Tarot table is set up and I am ready to begin reading.

Kassandra's Reading Room

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Corporate Events

Yes, I have experience with giving readings to corporate Executives and their guests at large Holiday parties and fundraising events including The Bozo Ball at Navy Pier.


There isn’t much difference between my reading at a home party or at a corporate event. The difference lies in the logistics. Big events with 100+ attendees take place at restaurants or hotels in Conference Rooms, Ball Rooms and Auditoriums. If there is live music, reading tables need to be as far away from it as possible. A signup sheet will be provided to put your guests in order.