Tarot Basics 

Kassandra answers the question:

What are Tarot Cards?

The Major Arcana


The Greater Mysteries
Path of Spiritual Evolution
22 Mythic Archetypes
The Fool's Journey
Tarot Card The Magician
Tarot Card The Fool

Tarot Basics Classes


Each Class is 2 hours

Meets weekly for 6 weeks

$30 per Class

Call 224-804-2327 to RSVP

Pay for all 6 Classes and get 1 class free.

Tarot Card The High Priestess
The Mysterious History of Tarot
Two Decks in One
What about Gypsies & Fortune Telling
Mythology & Archetypes
Tarot History Fact Sheet
The Minor Arcana


The Lesser Mysteries
Reflections of Life’s Mundane Situations
Numerology Correspondences:
- 40 Pip Cards & 16 Court Cards
- 4 Suits & 4 Elements
Tarot Card The Emperor
Tarot Card The Empress
Tarot Card Justice
Reading Tarot Spreads


The 1 & 3 card Daily Spreads
Celtic Cross Spread
Putting the Story Together
Reading Reversed cards
Tarot Card The Hermit & Strength
Tarot Card Judgement & The World
Radiant Waite Tarot Minors
Tarot Card The Moon & The Sun
Tarot Card Temperance & The Devil

Using the Waite-Smith Deck (also known as the Rider-Waite), we’ll explore card by card the characters, colors and symbolism inherent in each. We’ll also take a significant look at the numerology behind how and why the cards are numbered. We’ll also determine what your personal Zodiac, Personality, Soul and Year cards are in the Major Arcana by using numerology and your birthdate. I’ll share my personal reading experiences and help you to recognize and develop your own powers of intuition for accurate interpretations. Everyone has their own level of psychic ability. I invite you to join me and start your own journey of self-discovery through these ancient images and symbols. You will need a Rider-Waite-Smith deck or a deck that would be considered a “clone” of that one.  Cost is $30 per class for a total of 6 weekly, 2 hour classes.