Spirit Begone!!!

I've got an amazing story to share!!

It starts out with my husband Andrew finishing his Staff of Power by affixing real deer antlers to it.

The Staff is topped with a rutilated clear quartz sphere about the size of a fist that has a black light cleverly concealed underneath it. When he triggers the light, it glows purple.

The same day he finished the staff, I got a call from a woman who found my website while she was looking for help with a paranormal problem. She lives in a half-way house for women recovering from alcohol addiction and she was scared to death by a "negative" energy / presence which was also scaring everyone else who lived there. It's a duplex in a pleasant middle class neighborhood. The owner lived there as well and practices Reiki as a Master. Needless to say, both women are sensitives. Both were practicing energy work in the basement area where the bedrooms they occupied were also located, but were feeling very strong, oppressive, negative energy. All the women in the house were feeling afraid (a dozen of them), especially the owner who is a petite blonde woman.

In this picture, I can see at least 2 spirit orbs in the background. I took several pictures before the clearing to verify that spirit activity was going on.

The focal point of the disturbance was a basement bedroom that had been vacated 2 days previously by a woman with mental illness. The owner and the woman who called me were scared to death to even enter that bedroom. The owner told me how she felt psychically attacked the last time she was in the room, because the energy was so strong that it engulfed her, paralyzed her with fear and then against her will lifted her arms up from her sides by almost 2 feet.

I'm psychic, but as an intuitive instead of a clairvoyant, I have to say that dealing with disincarnate spirits isn't my forte. So, I called a good friend of mine that's an Angel Reader and she was able to give me the clairvoyant skinny on what was going on. The woman with mental issues (who had just moved out) had brought this negative entity in with her as a spirit attachment and it stayed behind after she left. And, wouldn't you know it, the spirit turned out to be an angry, woman-hating male who was so consumed by it's hatred of women that it refused to "go to the light" at death. It remained on the earth plane refusing to be released from this hatred and continued to exist after death in the same mental state it had held in life. And, of course, it preferred to stay behind when the woman it was originally attached to left, because it had discovered a perfect environment with a dozen frightened, vulnerable women to terrorize which gave it more power to manifest.

That was all I needed to hear. I wasn't afraid of this cowardly spirit and was eager to banish it. However, I was advised that this pathetic and cowardly male spirit needed to be compelled to leave by a strong male rather than a female. So, here comes my husband Andrew to the rescue with his Staff of Power!! It can't be a coincidence that his staff was ready and he was able to figure out just how to use it with a little advice from my Catholic Angel Reader friend. It was she who suggested that we needed a man to lead the banishing and that he entrap the pesky spirit inside the Orb on top of the staff. It is encircled with copper wire and is in the center between the antlers.

Andrew entering the "haunted" room and you can see a great big orb in there!!!

I assisted with chanting and Andrew was able to entrap the spirit inside the quartz crystal to be removed by him and released elsewhere afterwards... consigned to the Earth. We blessed the whole house and sprinkled holy water (Florida Water made by http://biglizconjure.com/) in every room. I showed the owner of the house how to seal each window and door with blessed salt mixed with herbs to keep other unwanted spirits out. I took several more pictures after the banishing and everything was clear, except the last picture I took of Andrew. I'm assuming this large orb next to him probably represents the spirit trapped between the antlers of his staff.

The space is now clear and safe again for the women to meditate and practice Reiki. I received an email 3 days later with the news that they were very grateful for our assistance and no longer felt the presence.

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