Andrew Russel Handyman HERO

This year, we experienced a really wet Spring and it's continued into Summer.

We live on a small lake next to the Fox River and humidity is ever present. That plus the sun has a deleterious effect on outdoor decks and porches. During the previous two sunny days, Andrew stained with water seal the big front porch of our next door neighbor Jean. We live in the gray house and she lives in the beige house with the faded brown wooden porch.

I'm always trying to remind Andrew to take 'before and after' pictures of his handyman jobs that I can add to his website; https:\\ With this job, it was quite easy for me to walk next door while he was working and take the pictures needed myself.

While Andrew was working on the deck, I had a nice long visit with Jean. She's sharp as a tack and was fascinating to talk to. She's lived here for 20 years and was able to tell me all about the neighbors close by.

She's feeling more tired now and her eyesight has deteriorated to the point where everything just looks kinda blurry. Her children come to visit her often and she has a friend who drives her to church and the store. I had given her my card last year and she misplaced it and wanted another one. She was very interested in my psychic readings, so I brought one of my Oracle card decks over and gave her a 3-card reading. Wow, she was amazing. She totally understood each message that she got and how it was affecting her life.

I highly recommend spending time talking with elders. They have so much to share.

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