Coming out of the Dark Time

The beginning of the beginning of Spring approaches and we prepare to emerge from the hibernation of the dark time. And, everything grows in the dark, from seeds to people. My seeds are ideas. The ideas that have come out of the dreamtime of the dark. I'm now planting those seeds in the dark and will water and nurture my ideas in the coming months. Some aspects of life seem dark indeed with tomorrow's inauguration of he who shall not be named (or watched). However, change is the only constant, and we must persevere in creating the reality we hope for instead of dreading the reality others would impose upon us.

At Yule, we lit candles to welcome the return of the light.

My Holly King and I celebrated with a dozen other Earth Worshippers.

We're looking forward to celebrating Imbolc on the first Saturday in February. It's time to cleanse ourselves from the staleness of winter with water from the Holy well and to purify the essence of our intentions with fire from the Sacred flame. The Goddess Bridget is the keeper of the sacred flame and guardian of the holy well according to Celtic Mythology.

Andrew and I have much to be grateful for. It was taking a huge risk when Andrew left his full-time job of 28 years last June (finally putting a stop to the abusive exploitation of the ungrateful toxic narcissist who owns the OWL Hardwood Lumber Store in Lombard) and the resulting financial struggles we endured as we waited over 6 months to receive the lump sum distribution of his 401k benefits.

On the bright side, leaving OWL reduced a huge amount of stress that Andrew was under and his stomach ailments cleared up dramatically. However, in October, he developed an abscess that required the extraction of 2 teeth. Without dental insurance or a raise for the last 8 years, we've put off and put off replacing Andrew's missing teeth. We'll be going forward with seeking financial assistance to complete his long neglected dental work and the timing seems to be on our side.

Andrew is steadily climbing the ladder of success with his Handyman Home Services business. Other opportunities are surfacing for him as well the more he networks and meets new people. Thanks to all of our friends and acquaintances who helped Andrew to launch his new business by giving him handyman jobs.

I'm focusing in more on being the Elgin Enchantress and towards that end I did "Kassandra Sings the Holidays" as a special on BlogTalkRadio, Dec 13th. I was able to play all the great studio work I did with Steve Askins on my selection of Yule Favorites.

Tarot Basics is coming on Saturdays in March.

Bright Blessings!!

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