Deep into the Dark Time

I'm new at this blogging thing and it's been since before Samhain that I published my last one. So, I just scheduled our upcoming annual Yule Ritual for Wednesday, December 21st at the UU Church of Elgin. Last year, Andrew and I were moving out of our house that we lost to foreclosure and into a rental home during the month of December and January, so we didn't have a Yule ritual at the church. Just too busy moving to celebrate.

Now we've been in our new home on Loch Lena adjacent to the Fox River for a whole year. Our cats are happy here and we are happy here.

View from my Office window next to my Crone Corner.

I can sit at my PC and look at the water outside my Office window next to my Crone Corner.

Oh yes, I finally reached the stage in my life where I was ready to formally become a Crone.

After one month of preparation, my dear friend Della and I went through our Croning Ritual together on October 13th facilitated by Priestess and Crone; Donna Newberg. Our duties to nurture and mother others are completed. We have become powerful with experience and with the essence of the blood we no longer shed being absorbed back into our bodies.

As symbols of this transition, we created our own personal Crone Throne, Crone Crown and Crone Staff. We each were subjected to formally answering the three challenges of Cronehood by our Crone Mentor and then we jumped the broom into our new reality.

And, it wasn't long before the Witch's New Year also known as Samhain was upon us. Andrew and I had a very private and intimate ritual at Midnight on October 31st in our home remembering the ancestors and honoring our beloved dead.

Andrew parted ways with his employer of 28 years at the end of June and began his own Handyman business: Don't hesitate to call, because no job is too small.

And, I began a new Class in Magick at the beginning of November which is ongoing Sunday evenings with 5 students. I also sell charms out of my Ebay store: Kassandra's Charms Galore. Did you know that originally charms or enchantments were spoken? It's only recently in human history that the spoken charm has transformed into a physical talisman... usually made out of sterling silver or gold. Most girls I know had charm bracelets growing up.

This is my personal charm bracelet for attracting Luck and Money. It contains 13 lucky money charms including a wishing well, 4 leaf clover, slot machines, horseshoes, dice, wishbone, treasure chest and money bags.

My 40 minute CD; "Enchanted" is a Moon Ritual in Chant and Verse. It's really a culmination of my 12-15 years of attending and leading Wiccan/Pagan Moon rituals. It can be used as a guided meditation on New or Full Moons and is excellent for beginners and solitaries. It's my version of how to cast the circle, call the elements, evoke the Goddess and the God and what I chant as you do it. Plus, Basic Wiccan philosophy is imparted via readings from The Declaration of the Four Sacred Things, The Wiccan Rede and The Charge of the Goddess. And, it's available to be ordered right off my website via PayPal. Samples can even be listened to on my Music page first.

But, to end this blog post I'd like to share one of the Yule recordings I made last year with the talented Music Director of UUCE; Steve Askins. I hope to see as many of you as possible at Yule!!

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