Unique one-of-a-kind POCKET DIVINATION KIT in a specialty Halloween Altoid Tin: Mystifying Mints. I've had this Ouija Tin for about 3 years and have always wanted to turn it into a Pocket divination kit. I had so much fun putting it together; it even includes an Amulet of Protection on a necklace. On the inner lid and bottom of the tin, I mod podged a tiny Poster of Ouija Board Rules and a turn of the 20th century Ouija Ad. Inside the Tin my Pocket Fortune Teller / Seance Kit contains:

1. A deck of tiny Tarot Cards in a tiny black velvet drawstring bag (handcrafted and complete Universal Waite deck that is 1/12 scale)
2. A mini Ouija Board and Planchette (handcrafted with Balsa Wood)
3. Hamsa Hand Amulet silvertone pendant on a 9" silvertone chain (also known as Fatima's Hand or the Hand of Fate)
4. A tiny Crystal Ball (handcrafted with a marble)
5. A tiny Quartz Crystal Cluster for clarity
6. A Ceramic charm Skull with black Enamel highlights (symbol of the ancestors)
7. A working Charm Compass 10mm (may the inner compass of your intuition always point you to the truth)
8. A Scalloped Seashell painted green and intended for offerings of holy water or a scented oil

Would look great on your altar or reading table. Plus, it makes a great gift.

Tiny Tarot Fortune Teller / Seance Kit in Ouija Tin


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