Unique Miniature Fortune Teller's Divination Kit in a Figured Cherry Wooden Box handcrafted by my husband who is a Woodcrafter and a Pagan Priest.  It's not painted, so the natural beauty and grain of the figured cherry is visible. On the lid of the box, I've modpodged a Fortune Teller poster with The Golden Wheel. The inner lid of the box has a Tarot Reader poster and there is a Ouija Rules poster mod podged into the bottom of the box.


Inside my Miniature Fortune Teller's Kit are what I consider the most important items for a Seance / Divination session:


1. A Miniature Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck (handcrafted cards are 1 and 5/8" high by 1" wide) with a matching Mini Fortune Teller balsa wood hinged and lidded box painted grey. The lid is attached with doll size hinges and is very very delicate. DO NOT FORCE THE LID. Fortunately, if it does come unattached, it can easily be glued back on.

2. A mini Ouija Board and Planchette (handcrafted from Balsa Wood).

3. A working 30mm Brass Compass. Maythe internal compass of your intuition always point you to the truth.

4. A 25mm Glass crystal ball on a lacquered Wooden Pedestal (symbol of the "second sight")

5. A carved Quartz Crystal Skull to evoke the spirits of the ancestors for protection

6. A Quartz Crystal Point for clarity

7.  A Hamsa Hand protective Amulet with an Evil Eye cabochan (handpainted Czech Crystal) on a 12" silvertone chain. Also known as Fatima's Hand or The Hand of Fate.

8. A white scalloped Sea Shell for offerings of holy water or scented oil.

9. A tiny light blue crystal point of Celestite for angelic protection.

This Fortune Teller's Seance Ensemble looks great on an altar or a reading table. Plus, it makes a great gift.


I intentionally omitted items like candles, incense and oils, because I recommend that you personalize this kit yourself with those items and energize it to your own liking, because there's room for more. I further recommend the Etsy Store: TripleGoddessReiki for quality oils, herbs, crystals and spell kits. TripleGoddessReiki is owned and operated by my good friend Rowan Ravenwolf, Reiki Master.

Miniature Fortune Teller Kit in CHERRY WOOD BOX - Tarot, Ouija, Crystal Skull


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