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Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Victory, New Opportunities Cause Confusion

All of today’s cards are minor as well as from the suit of Wands which symbolizes spiritual fire or the fire of your spirit. The 6 of Wands is a card of victory and leadership. It’s triumph, acclaim, accomplishment, and appreciation. The role you are playing today is a successful one. The 2 of Wands reversed is anticlimactic and symbolizes delays, misgivings, losing interest or lack of activity. Despite the positive energy of the 6 of Wands, you may be feeling overwhelmed or disillusioned. And, there may be confusion about what direction to move in related to an important decision. You may not be feeling cooperative or sociable and are even refusing to leave the house. However, this conflicts with the energy of the 3 of Wands which is about cooperation, negotiations and teamwork.

You’ve experienced some initial success as evidenced by the 6 well as personal satisfaction, but there is still more to do. There are new ideas and opportunities on the way. If you are going to stay at home today, work on setting goals that Lay the groundwork for future development. Cooperation from others could be important. So, don’t refuse any help that’s offered today. You can enjoy your victory in solitude if you must, but don’t turn away from friends or family who only want to help.

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