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Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Tempted To Say Nothing To Avoid Judgement

Today, we have a Court card character who has an angel to the right and the devil to the left. The Devil card represents temptation, desires, and materialism. The Devil himself is a symbol of an unnatural beast as he combines goat horns, pointed wolf ears, shaggy legs, and bat wings with clawed bird’s feet perching on a one-dimensional black cube of ignorance which the Adam and Eve figures are chained to. Notice how the chains are loose around their necks symbolizing that their bondage is voluntary, so this is a card representing addictions of all kinds. The Page of Swords reversed can be someone who is an air sign, a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. Pages can be children of either sex or just someone who is immature. The Sword of truth is lowered here and this Page is afraid to risk speaking the truth or to stand up to the lies and deception represented by The Devil card. The Judgement card reversed represents bad judgements, lack of clarity or analysis, inefficiency, procrastination and giving in to your fears of being judged.

If the page represents dealing with children today, be aware that the child could be giving into the temptation to lie instead of tell the truth in order to avoid punishment for bad behavior. If it’s a childish adult, the lies or behavior will be more serious that just stealing cookies out of the cookie jar. And, if the Page is you today, I’m sensing that not speaking up is what you are being tempted to do in order to avoid or deflect conflict at work or at home, but it’s a bad decision. So, don’t give in to the temptation to just do nothing. You are being challenged to turn things around and wield your sword of truth effectively. By not being afraid to be truthful, you can turn the Judgement card upright for a just outcome today.

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