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Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Super Moon Heralds End of an Era with A New Age - Old Empire Crumbles

Tonight we will experience a rare full moon called a super moon and it’s occurring in the zodiac sign of Pisces, making it a time of heightened emotion, desires, intuition, and imagination. It’s also a blue moon as this is the 2nd full moon within the month of August. So, I am not surprised in the least that all 3 cards appearing in the spread today are Major.

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, The Judgement Card indicates the end of the old and a crucial resurrection, rebirth or renewal in your life today.

Judgement represents the end of an era which is important to assess appropriately. This is an important moment for self-appraisal because it’s a graduation and a new cycle is beginning. An important decision is likely confronting you. Consider carefully, what you have awakened to? The Chariot is transportation that moves you forward on your new path and the Charioteer is the Victorious One. On a mundane level it could be about buying a new car, taking a trip, leaving a job or a marriage, starting a new career or becoming engaged, buying a new house, moving out of state. But the black and white sphinxes imply that the Charioteer who is ruled by the Zodiac sign of Cancer needs to balance conflicting priorities as well as the active and the passive instincts within himself to guide his Chariot safely in a new direction.

The Emperor reversed shows me that boundaries are ready to be crossed. The previous rule of this Emperor is ending and his guard is down, because the old rules and regulations in his Empire no longer apply in the new era. Where the upright Emperor is strong, the reversed Emperor is weak. However, don’t be a wimp yourself by avoiding change and the challenges of a personal rebirth in your current situation. And, on the other hand, don’t let this reversed Emperor energy devolve into that of a tyrannical bully refusing to acknowledge the end of his rule. It’s time to speed forward into a New Age. You would do well to mark this rite of passage tonight under the light of the Super Full Moon with the blessings of these powerful rays of energy. How you do it will be an expression of leaving the past behind so you can wipe the emotional slate clean and embark on a new path of worldly success and spiritual growth.

Bright Blessings

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