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Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Romance is Possible, But What's He Hiding?

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Today is Labor Day here in the USA and after 3 days of reversed cards, we are back to a spread containing all upright cards and there’s one of each; one Major, one Minor and one Court card. The Moon begins the spread indicating it’s a dreamy day. Nothing is clear in the moonlight and clarity is obscured even when the Sun is shining. Truth is hard to filter out of the moonlight. It’s a card of illusions and delusions. Something is hidden. The King of Cups is next and he’s the Love King representing a man with compassionate understanding. He’s charming and knows how to give a woman the solicitous admiration she craves. Kings represent adult men and this King could be a water sign; a Cancer, a Scorpio or a Pisces within your sphere of influence today. Paired with the Moon, he’s the King of Romance. Are you on an important date today? Or, have you met someone new at a picnic, the beach, or a backyard barbecue?

The Nine of Wands cautions you to be strong and keep your defenses up. The bandage around the head of this character leaning on his staff represents being battle scarred or battle weary. You may be attending a festive event today and someone from your past has shown up and now romantic feelings are being rekindled. The Nine of Wands is saying very strongly; “BEWARE”. This King is hiding in the romantic glow of the holiday atmosphere and is not to be entirely trusted. King’s are also the ending card in each suit, so this could also symbolize the end of romance or not being open to romance. Today is a day to be cautious. Enjoy yourself, but also protect yourself from being charmed into a compromising position. Only time will tell, so wait for the truth to emerge. Tomorrow is another day.

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