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Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Rescue From Restrictions is At Hand

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

All the cards in today’s spread are minor and from the suit of Swords indicating the primacy of the Mental Realm. So, thinking things through and using your powers of concentration, analyzation and focus are going to be of the utmost importance today.


The 6 of Swords represents a perfect balance of mental and moral faculties. It’s using the science of the mind to achieve the clarity necessary to successfully guide yourself and others through troubled emotional waters today. But the 8 of Swords indicates feelings of restriction in the current situation. Oppressive emotional conditions could be causing mental obstacles, confusion, or disillusionment resulting in weakened efforts and a lack of persistence. Are you really trapped or is it all just in your head? Paired with the 6 of Swords, however, there is a clear urgency to escape restrictive thinking and a maze of confusion.

And, finally, the 7 of Swords represents being discreet, diplomatic, and crafty. You may need to think outside the box and use covert means to accomplish leaving an untenable situation to gain your freedom. Or, maybe it’s just liberating yourself from restrictive perceptions and attitudes. Today your analysis of what’s really going on is going to be tested and you will have the opportunity to free yourself from imposed restrictions.

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