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Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Lack of Focus, No More Peaceful Balance & Delusional Daydreaming

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

The Page of Pentacles reversed is one of the Court cards, which are the people cards in the deck that symbolize those directly involved in your current situation. Pages represent children and adolescents of either sex as well as perennially immature or childlike adults. Pentacles is the suit of the Earth, so this could be a person who is a Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus. However, Court cards can also symbolize the role you are playing today. When the Page of Pentacles is upright, this is a practical, pragmatic, focused and serious student type. But reversed this Page represents being adrift, scattered, stubborn, lazy or selfish with a lack of focus. The 2 of Swords reversed symbolizes that a tenuous balance or peace has been overturned. A decision has been made, the blindfold is off and perhaps uncomfortable feelings are surfacing now that you’re facing the truth about something. The stalemate is over and it’s time to act. Change and movement are indicated with this reversal. The 7 of Cups is the card of the Dreamer. There are too many choices, things are out of focus and energies are scattered with a tendency to indulge oneself in drinking, drugs, food, shopping and gambling.

You might be dealing with a rebellious child today who is resistant to learning their lessons or doing their chores and would much rather spend their time lazily daydreaming. There won’t be peace between you and I see a battle of wills. If the Page is you, then you’re the one who doesn’t want to work and would rather be off daydreaming at the beach or shopping. I see your peace being shattered by finally seeing a painful truth coming forward, but change is hampered by indulging in colorful fantasies and illusions. Be careful not to be the one acting like a spoiled child today.

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