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Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Liberation From Restrictions and a New Path

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

This is a very powerful spread of cards today. It starts out with the card of restriction the 8 of Swords. This is feeling trapped, limited, blocked, confused and powerless. And, often it’s a state of fear that’s self-imposed. The Death card represents major transformation. Necessary endings and the beginning of a new era. It’s transition, revitalization and renewal, liberation and empowerment. Death of the old self. The Fool represents innocence, childlike wonder and optimism. There is spontaneity here with faith and potential. It’s a fresh start. A new chance.

Today, I see a transformation of restrictions you’ve been experiencing. It’s an end to the lack of empowerment in your current situation and being willing to take the leap of faith. You can start anew today by leaving an old and unsatisfying way of life behind. It might be a relationship breakup or quitting a job, or moving to a new location. Don’t be afraid to take risks today. As the Sun’s rays light a path for the Fool, a new pathway is illuminated and awaits you. Take off the blindfold, leave the past behind and be willing to start off in a totally new direction. Your journey is just beginning.

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