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Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Justice and Happiness are Yours Today

The 9 of Cups is the traditional wish fulfillment card and represents material happiness, satisfaction, contentment, and gratification. The Justice card symbolizes fairness, prudence, and equilibrium. And, the Hermit is the card of accessing your inner wisdom and represents contemplation and meditation. It’s withdrawing from social activities for a time of quiet study and introspection. Looks like today has some major aspects for you that indicate you may need some alone time in order to restore balance and feelings of happiness.

On the other hand, when the Justice card shows up in a spread it can indicate the legal system or going to court. If that’s the case and you’re the defendant, it looks to me like the other party is not going to show up and the case will be dismissed without prejudice making you very happy. Or, you don’t need to show up for the hearing, because your lawyer will handle everything successfully for you and you’ll receive a just verdict and satisfaction. If the Justice card was reversed, I’d be worried about the outcome, but with the card of happiness on one side and the Hermit with his lantern of light illuminating the darkness on the other side, rest assured that any legal matters will turn out favorably for you today.

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