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Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Heed the Messengers to Salvage a Possible Defeat - 8-10-2023 Daily Reading

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

The two Pages in today’s spread can indicate 2 children or adolescents that you will be interacting with. With one upright and the other reversed, it looks like a conflict between two people or conflicting messages today since all the Pages are messengers. Wands could be an excitable fire sign while Pentacles could be a stubborn Earth sign. The Page of Wands is usually the bearer of good tidings and represents someone who is enthusiastic, creative, inspired, enterprising and energetic, but can also be bold and brash with words or actions. The Page of Pentacles reversed is a rebel without a cause. This can represent someone who is bored, lazy, ignorant, illogical, petty, and jealous. The message from this page is about delays, waste and arguments. You may have to referee between two children today or two immature adults. If these pages are about you, then you could be at war with yourself today. A part of you is excited about messages concerning work on a new project, or attending an intriguing event or class. But, another part of you doesn’t want to pay attention to such messages, doesn’t want to be studious and may not even want to leave the house preferring to focus on selfish pleasures. Who will win the battle?


Upright, the 5 of Swords is the card of defeat and the reversed meaning could go either way; a win or a loss. Are you vindicated? Cleared of slander or wrongdoing? Did you lose the battle, but win the war? Or, are you experiencing a doubling down of the negative interpretation of the upright card with disharmony, discord, serious depression, and downright degradation? Heed the messages you receive today and carefully analyze the outcomes of the choices before you. A change in direction may be necessary to salvage a possible defeat. If the pages are other people in your current situation, you might be the person who has to keep the peace today and settle arguments.

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