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Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Harmonious Communications But Wait & See Before Making Any Choices

The Lovers is the card everyone wants to see in their spread. It represents Soulmate love, harmony in relationships, affection, attraction, trust, heartfelt communication, and wise choices. But the 9 of Wands character with his battle-weary experiences has his defenses up and cautions a wait and see attitude. This card represents strength in reserve, prudence, waiting, rest, discipline, and order because there could be stagnation, hidden enemies, difficulties, and frustration. The Ace of Swords reversed is also cautioning to “not do it”. Here you are quite literally “under the sword”. There may be delays, pessimism, bad judgements, aggression, and fear of punishment. One of the older traditional meanings of the reversed Ace of Swords is conception. So, beware of letting your heart rule your head today.

The major card in this spread is the Lovers which implies relationships and communication are key today. But be cautious and don’t take actions that you haven’t thoroughly analyzed, especially with determining what the consequences might be. In work situations, you want to be cooperative and conciliatory in meetings while still maintaining a protective stance over departmental or company resources. There is more to consider and talk about. Perhaps it’s a new project or product line. Don’t make any hard and fast decisions just yet. Wait and see. In personal or romantic relationships, the same applies. Romance might be in the air, but important choices are best not made today. Past experience is warning you not to move too fast.

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