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Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

End Your Sorrow, Breakup with a Liar

I’m afraid today’s spread looks rather ominous. The King of Swords represents the power of the intellect, passionate thinking, penetrating analysis and swift judgement with his sword of truth. He’s a master at abstract thought, highly rational, authoritative and strict. Swords is the mental realm, so this King is a head guy not a heart guy like the King of Cups. He may be a man who is an air sign; a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius and he believes in upholding justice and being fair, but he’s unlikely to be merciful. The Hierophant symbolizes education and the teaching and passing on of the traditions of society. He’s conservative and upholds orthodoxy so he values rules and obedience to the laws of society that he teaches. The Hierophant can represent having to deal with those who are highly educated like Doctors, lawyers and judges or those who are enforcers of the law like soldiers and cops. The 3 of Swords is clearly the card of heartbreak, sorrow and mental anguish with its picture of a red heart pierced by 3 swords with a backdrop of clouds and rain. So, you won’t be seeing or thinking clearly while undergoing emotional suffering.

Since none of these cards are reversed, I’m sensing that these energies are likely to play out today in a real world way. Definitely steer clear of speeding or dishonest dealings as nothing is hidden and if you are caught lying or breaking the law, the King of Swords will be happy to swiftly teach you a painful lesson. And, if the King of Swords is you today and this is about personal relationships, your significant other might be the one to suffer a swift judgement for violating your trust and boundaries with another or by gambling away the rent money. It might be time to end your suffering with a breakup as King’s also symbolize endings, so today might be the day to let your rational mind rule for a judgement that’s fair and perhaps long overdue to end your suffering.

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