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Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Creativity Sparked by Revelations in Solitude

Important days have important cards and today all 3 cards in the spread are major. The Hermit is a card that indicates solitude and introspection. He’s the inner teacher and sometimes we must withdraw from society for prudent, thoughtful and deliberate reflection on our current situation. The Moon reversed symbolizes an interior illumination with illusions and deceptions melting away like mist in the daylight. Confusion is ending. Hidden matters are coming to light with beneficial changes indicated. Paired with the Hermit, it’s also a good day for dream interpretations. The Empress represents all forms of creativity. As the Major Arcana’s #3 card, she symbolizes a synthesis of Thoughts, Emotions and Will which is the foundation of the creative process. All 3 of these cards are numerically related since 3x3 equals 9 and 9x2 equals 18 and today is the 9th.

Use this creative energy well today as important information can be revealed if you just give yourself time alone to reflect on recent events and let what you need to know surface from the sea of the unconscious into your consciousness awareness. The presence of the Empress means you’re going to be able to take this information and begin to manifest it in a practical form today.

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