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Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Avoid Penalties from Authority Figures

The Hierophant symbolizes those who are authorities with established knowledge, professional advice based on traditional values, and the enforcers of the moral requirements of society. The 9 of Cups reversed is dissatisfaction, discontent and unhappiness. This card can symbolize a lack of values, superficial relationships, complacency, extravagance, or overindulgence. The 6 of Pentacles reversed is negative in a similar vein representing money problems for those who are unfortunate, bills not being paid, losses and bad debts. It also can represent those who are stingy, miserly and selfish displaying a distinct lack of charity.

With this combination of cards, I see a higher standard of behavior being requested by authority figures or you may have to suffer the enforcement of consequences due to bad financial decisions caused by giving in to overindulging oneself for the sake of personal pleasures.

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