Magickal Basics 

PART 1 – The Foundations of Magick

Basic Meditation - How to quiet the mind. How to manifest what you want.

Trance and Journey - Go backward and forward in time. Build an Inner Temple.

Celestial Timing - Light of the Moon & Dark of the Moon – The Moon Goddess

Seasonal Timing - Light of the Year & Dark of the Year – The Sun God


PART 2 – The Elements of Magick

Earth Magick: Physical Realm – North – Winter – Green

Air Magick: Mental Realm – East – Spring - Yellow

Fire Magick: Spiritual Realm – South – Summer - Red

Water Magick: Emotional Realm – West – Autumn – Blue


PART 3 – The Tools of Magick

Crystal Magick - How to attune and use crystal energy.

Candle Magick - How to use colors, oils, wax and flame.

Amulets, Talismans, Magick Squares - How to design your own personal sigil.

Cord Magick - How to create a Magickal Rosary.


PART 4 – The Working of Magick

Spell Casting, Intention, Timing, Robing

Rites of Passage, Purification, Celebration

Ritual Construction, Circle, Elements, Spirit

Raising Power, Chanting, Dancing, Drumming

Magick is about change. It’s always about change. It changes the Universe and it changes you. Magick is now. Magick is the transformation of self. The spiritualizing of self. If you can think it, you can be it. The World is magickal. And, the magick is in the doing!!


Cost is $30 per class. Total of 4 Months with weekly two-hour classes.