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I am the oldest daughter of an oldest daughter of an oldest daughter and I have been reading The Tarot and seeing into people’s lives professionally since the mid-1990's. My interest in metaphysics has been life long since my Mother is an Astrologer and my Grandmother could read palms. Strong psychic abilities run in my family; my sisters, aunts and great-aunts all have this ability. I might not  know why or how it happens, but sometimes I just know things which is called being clairsentient. Since intuition isn’t at all rational or logical, I’ve learned to trust what I feel inside. I follow my intuition. All it takes is focus and practice.

I’ve studied Tarot with Gail Fairfield (author of Choice Centered Tarot) and I've studied Tarot and Astrology with Janet Berres (former President of the International Tarot Society). But, my most important lessons were in Magickal Spirituality taught by Karen Jackson, Priestess of the Temple of the Four Winds and former Owner of Delphi Press.

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